Ornament Heart – Perfect Gift for a Special Occasion

The Ornament Heart Jewelry is one of two different size variations of this year’s crystal-ornament set. It is compact, trendy, and extremely attractive, which means you can rest assured you will be hitting the mark with this year’s fantastic crystal gift. The Ornament Heart features the all-important round button location, as well as the two small rounded heart-shape buttons. Both feature an elegant silver or gold finished design that is simple to find in many of today’s modern and trendy fashion accessories. It also features a colorful rhombus shape button, which makes it a perfect button alternative for your crystal ornament heart necklace.

This stunning ornament has a transparent rhombus shape crystal button and is embellished with a colorful crystal heart charm. Both items are finished with a fine sterling silver plating. The buttons are securely stuck in place with a special adhesive. Because these are clear button alternatives, they can be worn with almost any outfit. The ornamental heart is a delicate and small crystal piece, with a clear rhombus shape button. It is delicately embellished with a gold plated heart charm.

This exquisite jewelry is designed for two, measures approximately.3 inches in diameter. With clear rhombus crystal buttons, you will want to add this beautiful crystal charm to your collection. The exquisite crystal comes in a clear acrylic plastic base that is covered in a satin finish. This bracelet is simple and affordable to buy, making it the ideal gift to give to anyone no matter what their age.

This elegant crystal picture cube has a transparent acrylic flat bottom and a solid rhombus crystal rhombus keystone. The crystal picture is embellished with a transparent crystal heart charm. The beautiful crystal picture is a small, almost unnoticeable square cut out of a.2 inches by two inches square of high quality crystal plastic. It is a perfect item to give to someone special on a special occasion.

This ornament is made from a high quality crystal photo square. You can see through it and this adds to its beauty as well as function. The ornamental heart is a three dimensional crystal photo square and it features a rhombus shape, which symbolizes eternity. This crystal photo cube is a beautiful and stunning addition to any jeweler’s collection. This ornament comes in a red velvet pouch.

This ornament is perfect to give to anyone on your shopping list. This is a great gift idea for anniversaries or birthdays. This is something everyone should have in their collection and will keep long after the gift is gone. It can be used for showing affection for your loved ones. If you decide to purchase this ornament, it would be a good idea to add a heart shaped charm to let her know how much you love her.