Customized Crystal Key Chain

Crystal Keychain as Promotional Gifts. Never head to a large sales presentation or a trade show without a clear case of custom-designed crystal keychain with a picture of your company name, logo, and web address. Individuals like giveaways and business people aren’t any different. What better way to attract a crowd to sign that contract than to provide them with a beautifully, handcrafted crystal keychain with your business name, logo, and web address… and a glass picture cube. How much more impact can a crystal keychain have on a potential client?

These gifts make wonderful corporate gifts that will remind your customers of your company for years to come. These are great for giving at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and even as souvenirs at family gatherings. Engraved crystal photo keyrings and heart shaped crystal photo keyrings are available to fit your needs. You may find you have more than one style in mind when you shop for these fun gifts.

What you’ll need for this fun-custom gift is a clear plastic or metal jewelry chain and a clear plastic or metal photo. Typically, you’ll choose one type of photo and order a customized size according to the picture size. You can use an online calculator or find a standard size photo and do the necessary sizing.

To help you determine the most appropriate personalized size for your crystal keychain, first measure out the picture so it is centered perfectly. If you can’t do this measure by yourself, use a tape measure to get the exact measurement. Once you know the customized size, you’ll need to order your jewelry chain from a reputable retailer. Some stores allow you to use a special coupon code to receive a lower price on your purchase, which helps you to save money. If the store doesn’t offer a coupon, simply keep looking for clearance items that may have the same chain style as yours.

With a clear plastic or metal jewelry chain, you’ll want to provide a good craftsmanship for this personalized gift. This means using a double knot weave pattern and adding a finished ring at the end. The ring is the perfect place to include your personalized message. For example, if your customized size is 24 inches, add a single line,” Thank you! Your gift will be appreciated!” Or include a short line such as, “You’re appreciated!”

To personalize your crystal keychain 3d, first add your picture. Using your computer program of choice, attach your image as an image file. Be sure that the size you are working with is the correct file size. You can upload as many pictures as you like until your are satisfied with the best selection of your personal pictures.

Now, select your text. Your selection should be relative to the style of your key chain. If you are creating a necklace, choose words that complement the necklace and add a statement at the end of the phrase. If you are creating a ring, select words that match the band and add a statement at the end of the phrase. Once your are happy with the word selection, you can proceed with the customization process.

When you have completed your personalized photo keychain, you will be able to view your selection in three dimensional space. Depending on the quality of your camera, your will be able to preview your creation in different lighting. You can also add text to your crystal keychain crystal. The number of characters will be limited by your chosen picture and the length of the customized size of your chain.